Dynamic Comfort Systems


Our goal is to provide viewers with the best comfort possible, so we have developed an innovative range of dynamic seating systems based on our long-term experience in ergonomic seating development and protected by international patents.


To relax completely, the user needs the right body support, the optimal back position and a seat and footrest that ensure maximum freedom of movement. The dynamic sound system lets viewers experience movie scenes packed with special effects better than ever before. Dynamic Comfort Systems provide the viewer with maximum comfort and great pleasure, even at cinemas with limited space.



The SwingMode dynamic back system provides viewers with enhanced comfort during their cinema experience. Its flexible, floating backrest gives the user maximum freedom of movement and provides support in any position.
The mechanism does not block, so it lets the user find their most relaxing position. With an ergonomically shaped backrest, the system ensures the viewer has an impressive experience. The SwingMode can be installed with all Forum Seating fixed seat armchairs. It is based on a patented mechanism that has successfully been used in Nowy Styl Group office chairs for years. It is very durable and designed to have a 20-year lifecycle. Let the viewer lean back and relax!

Glide-Tec is a dynamic seat system based on a worldwide patented mechanism. It ensures intuitive movement, while allowing the user to sit comfortably. The seat and backrest move synchronously.

When the seat moves to the front, the backrest follows, providing optimal comfort. The system has no blocking points, so it lets the user enjoy sitting in their most comfortable position. Glide-Tec was originally designed and patented in Germany to be used in office chairs and railway applications. Forum Seating took advantage of
this design know-how and implemented the function in cinema armchairs, to improve the comfort of people’s leisure time. Glide-Tec ensures the highest cinema comfort, providing viewers with the greatest relaxation possible.
The eMotion system is a fully dynamic motion drive designed to provide viewers with the highest comfort possible. The seat, backrest and footrest are adjusted synchronously by an intuitive digital control system.
This lets the user enter the world of the film and forget about limitations of the human body. The eMotion system is the most innovative dynamic system designed for Forum Seating cinema armchairs. The use of high quality materials ensures the chairs are exceptionally durable. Most importantly, the system has fully integrated safety features, such as the Auto-Return-Function that ensures secure emergency escape, and the feature that prevents the user from pinching their fingers. The system is safe, innovative and extremely comfortable. Your viewers deserve to be treated like VIP visitors.
The ProSonic sound system designed for Forum Seating armchairs allows viewers to experience unforgettable emotions at the cinema.
The armchairs are equipped with special subwoofers that transfer bass sounds with frequencies lower than 30 Hz. They also enhance viewers’ impressions during movie scenes that are full of special effects or soundtracks that build suspense. ProSonic is configured according to individual needs and integrated with the existing sound system. It increases attractiveness of a cinema hall by generating chair movements that ensure every film will be experienced physically. Provide your viewers with the possibility to experience extraordinary emotions!