Welcome to the cinema of the future!


Pure innovation. See, hear - and FEEL. Are you ready for the total experience “Cinema”? A vivid adventure? ProSonic SoundSystem provide the audience with more than just simple film enjoyment. A true revolution in perception. 


Miles ahead of the Zeitgeist


How is that possible? What does it all mean? The “ProSonic Sound System“ from FORUM SEATING allows the audience to EXPERIENCE a visit to the cinema in a totally different dimension. A sound system for an unforgettable, deeply felt impression. You want to know more? How does it work? The innovative system is a sub-woofer support with which the sound is impressively FELT: yes, felt! The high-tech module transmits the deep-bass frequencies down to far below 30 hertz in particularly dramatic scenes and music. Movements that really make the film felt physically and make it a “LIVE HAPPENING”. Experience the heroes in action scenes close enough to touch? Yes – as if the cinemagoer were personally in the midst of the action.



A glance behind the cinema scenes


Maximum efficiency with the “ProSonic Sound System“. The FORUM SEATING system totally enhances the existing sound equipment through a skilled integration into the cinema’s current audio management in that a sound system located under the seats accompanies the film audio-visually and lets the audience really feel the sound.
The system is individually configured in accordance with the specific requirements of the cinema and premises and perfectly matched to the events currently being performed. As a result, the audience anticipates all-round added value and is treated to an unforgettable PERCEPTIBLE impression of “truly gigantic cinema”.


What lies behind FORUM SEATING?


Throughout the whole world, cinema-owners trust solutions and technologies from FORUM SEATING – through comprehensive know-how in seating systems and a lot more. As specialists in large area seating, under the umbrella of Nowy Styl Group, Global Player and the third largest manufacturer of office furniture in Europe, the FORUM SEATING trademark stands for innovation, the holistic approach and professional project design in individual cinema seating – for to-day’s and tomorrow’s demanding public of the highest level.



FORUM SEATING – a brand stands out


“Our products stand out due to their unique design, high certified quality, variety, flexibility as well as their uncompromising responsibility for our environment“, confesses Guido Schudinat, CEO of Nowy Styl GmbH and head of FORUM SEATING in Germany. “Our ambition is to be the best in everything we do. We constantly strive to provide the ideal solution, without any compromises. Our focus is always directed simply and solely at the individual – the cinemagoer.” Our success speaks for itself – and practice proves that these are not only fine words.


Memories, feeling and pure passion – that’s cinema.


FORUM SEATING has been accompanying people in their greatest emotions for over 20 years: innumerable projects with considerably more than 200 000 seats in cinemas, theatres, lecture theatres, stadiums and other cultural centres convince visitors with their unique seating comfort.  The CEO explains: “In tune with the times, we know exactly what our customers want – because we listen. None of our projects is identical.  And that is also true of our seating solutions that we develop together with our partners – cinemagoers - individually adapted to the highest degree. Our success is the praise, enthusiasm and radiance in visitors’ eyes after a unique cinema experience.“ Ultimately, the outstanding occurs rarely enough .