Environmental responsibility


Caring about natural environment is one with our priorities


Our products are made in plants of the Nowy Styl Group which sees caring about natural environment as one of its priorities. The essential guidelines of the Group's environmental policy are based on the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. We makes its seats from environmentally friendly materials which are almost 100% recyclable. Wooden elements are made from FSC-certified wood which guarantees legal origin and top quality of the raw material. Plastic components are made from top quality polypropylene and polyamide. Scrap wood is used to produce thermal energy and scraps of plastic are reused for production as raw material.



We purify 99% of emitted gases.


We purify 99% of waste we produce.

We invest in energy-saving manufacturing technologies.


We use wood waste to produce thermal energy.

We recycle plastic to make components of our chairs.


We choose responsible subcontractors. We use EU Flower certified fabrics and processed materials.

We promote environmentally friendly activities among our employees.


Our environmental policy is in accordance with ISO 14001.